Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley ( is a leader in the financial services market, managing over $700 billion in assets. It is always at the forefront in client advice, strategic transactions and a pioneer in finance and capital markets, providing new opportunities for individual and institutional investors. S:F was retained by Morgan Stanley to find “undiscovered” emerging companies with products/services that could provide differentiation in client offerings to High Net Worth individuals. S:F successfully developed strategic partnerships with five emerging companies, including signed terms and a full implementation plan.

Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. ( is a nationwide investment boutique serving high net worth clients. It is a subsidiary company of Oppenheimer Holdings Inc., an integrated financial services holdings company that includes Oppenheimer Asset Management, Oppenheimer Trust Company and Oppenheimer Life Agencies Ltd. Oppenheimer retained S:F to find a partner/emerging company for its education savings program. S:F found an unknown provider of education planning services for high school students, negotiated terms and assisted in the implementation of an innovative program that provided competitive differentiation in the field.

Authentidate Holding Corp.

Authentidate Holding Corp. ( is a worldwide provider of software applications and web-based services that enable enterprises and individuals to exchange information and conduct trusted business transactions. Its’ business operations are aligned with this vision by offering products and services that cater to the specific needs of the markets and customers served. Authentidate’s offerings include hosting services, specialized healthcare services, prepackaged software modules and more. S:F was engaged by Authentidate to evaluate strategic growth options and partnerships opportunities.

Tangerine Wellness

S:F was engaged by Tangerine Wellness (, a corporate funded, fully-outsourced weight management solution that offers incentives to employees to achieve and maintain a healthy weight level. S:F has helped set up potential partnerships with more than 30 major companies and closed on more than five partnerships, including Sanofi Aventis, AON, Towers-Perrin, Wachovia, and Arthur J. Gallagher.  Tangerine Wellness was recently featured in the WSJ, NBS and on Good Morning America. 

BVI Capital / Precision Materials

BVI ( is an acquirer and operator of companies in the engineered materials sector, serving major customers that include Mittal and KHD. S:F has worked with BVI in various capacities for more than a year. BVI grew from $5 million to more than $15 million in revenue in a single year. S:F assisted in arranging $6 million + to finance the purchase of a factory in Allentown, PA in late 2005, providing the platform for that growth. S:F also closed on a bridge financing of $1.5 million and is in the process of closing on a larger round of growth financing. Brian Flynn serves of the Board of Directors of BVI Capital.

Retail Decisions

For more than two years, S:F, in partnership with VALNIC Capital, LLC, advised the CEO of Retail Decisions, PLC (UK: RTD.L) on a management buy-out/take private . In September, 2006, Palamon Capital Partners completed an all cash offer of $400 million.


SheFinds ( is an online media company that provides fashion and style content for busy, professional women. The company is lead by Michelle Madhok, former head of all editorial content, including women's content, at AOL and one of the people responsible for the creation of CBS' online properties. S:F was engaged by SheFinds in April 2007 to help the company raise capital to fuel growth and develop new strategic alliances.

Nylon Magazine

Nylon Magazine ( is a pop culture and fashion magazine covering topics from celebrities and music to beauty, travel and technology. In addition to its magazine, it has created an interactive community online with its blog and community forums. S:F advised Nylon Magazine on restructuring, and helped raise capital to fund the process.

Global Dynamic Group

Global Dynamic Group ( helps connect governmental and corporate partners to facilitate international business. Currently, GDG is focused on facilitating foreign investment in the People’s Republic China.  GDG has cultivated, planned, and executed political and business engagements for high level elected officials and corporate leaders in both the U.S. and China, including President Bill Clinton’s last trip to China.  S:F was retained by GDG to help identify groups interested in entering the Chinese market through foreign direct investment.

Juice Energy, Inc.

Recently, S:F was engaged by Juice Energy, ( a new electricity company that is changing the way businesses buy electricity, manage costs and impact the environment. Juice combines traditional retail energy services with risk management and green energy consulting to create unique energy products for their clients. The company is headed by Roger Sant, (founder of AES Corporation), Brian Hayduk, Deirdre Lord, and Jonathan Moore. S:F helped Juice bring its sustainable and cost efficient energy services to major companies throughout New York State.

Space Adventures, Ltd.

Founded in 1998, Space Adventures, Ltd. ( is the world’s premier private space exploration company and the only company currently providing opportunities for actual private spaceflight and space tourism today. Using proven equipment and working side-by-side with professional astronauts and cosmonauts, they are the first and only space exploration company to send private clients to space, and their clients have cumulatively spent nearly a thousand hours aboard the International Space Station. S:F was engaged by Space Adventures to monetize and promote the next Space Adventures’ mission. S:F’s role included the procurement of sponsorships, marketing partnerships, publicity and product placement to highlight this momentous event.


FameBall ( is a web-based entertainment media company that uses proprietary algorithms to measure the celebrity of individuals on the basis of the media coverage they receive.  These algorithms, which objectively rank and re-rank celebrities continuously, are the basis for games and related media content.  For two years, S:F led the company as interim management.  During that time S:F led the acquisition of other content based websites, created partnerships /  relationships with sponsors and content providers, contributed to the creation of a leading advisory board, managed the day-to-day operations, and helped raise several rounds of seed financing for the company.


Defensoft ( supplies government agencies, systems integrators, and technology suppliers with proprietary software solutions and automated tools for the optimal analysis, planning, and design of boundary security systems.  The company’s key product, Lighthouse, is a breakthrough vertical engineering software solution for automated optimal defence array planning according to operational requirements, sensor specifications, updated intelligence, planning workflow, and methodology.  S:F worked with Defensoft to develop a corporate strategy for growth outside the United States and Israel.

Cybrinth, LLC

Cybrinth ( is a cyber security company that uses patented and proprietary technology to design, develop, and execute cyber-policies that protect their client's data. Brian Flynn sits on the Board of advisors


Search-to-Phone ( is a person-to-person search engine that allows the caller to reach multiple local businesses with one call to find the right product to service quickly and easily. It is a free and efficient, personal search assistant. S:F developed Search-to-Phone’s go-to-market strategy, business plan and financial model.

Mapcash Inc.

Mapcash Inc. ( is a fast and easy way to send cash worldwide to users who do not have online access or a bank account. It is a fast and effective way to securely send money overseas at reasonable rates. S:F was engaged to help Mapcash raise early stage capital to set up global operations for launch. S:F developed a product plan, go-to-market strategy, business plan, and financial model for Mapcash.


ConnectEDU ( is dedicated to making the college and financial aid process more accessible to students making the transition from high school to college. ConnectEDU works with students, parents, guidance counselors and colleges to simplify communication and bring down the information barriers. S:F worked with ConnectEdu to create strategic partnerships with educational institutions.


HealthExpo®, the largest consumer health entertainment event in the country, is a new vision, a view into the future of personal health. The 21st century is here. Perceived limits on who we are and who we want to be will disappear with the combined forces of revolutionary healthcare and new trends in fitness, nutrition and prevention. HealthExpo® is the lens that will focus on our relationship to our bodies and our minds in today's society. It is a partnership between consumers, physicians, corporations, foundations and government entities. S:F helped HealthExpo identify potential vendors for their nationwide health fairs.


Rugged Land ( is a publishing company specializing in story-driven narrative nonfiction and fiction. A streamlined, focused, and proactive company, it identifies the most compelling stories for a clearly defined audience. Some of its best known titles include Favre, David Feherty's Totally Subjective History of the Ryder Cup, and Bad Girl. S:F has helped RuggedLand develop alternative distribution routes (including unorthodox outlets for books e.g CVS, Walmart), leading business development and strategic partnership initiatives.


Bankmark ( helps entrepreneurial minded people work through the rigorous process of starting a de novo bank. The company has successfully helped open more than 140 banks.