Business Development and Sales

S:F provides a wide array of business development services including: content licensing, distribution deals, sponsorships, strategic partnerships, new market development, and advertising sales. S:F's proven business development expertise allows clients to focus on their core business while S:F takes the lead on the company's sales and business development.

Branding and Messaging

Many companies reach a point where they discover their existing brand identity may be restricting their growth. Others have never dedicated the resources necessary to clearly define their brand in the first place. In either case, S:F can help a client decide how they want to be identified and start making the necessary changes to redefine their corporate image.

Technology & Operations

Without a strong infrastructure, a company cannot run as efficiently or effectively as it might like. When a client is being held back by out-dated or inefficient processes, S:F can help identify the problems and assist the company in realigning its infrastructure to meet its needs.